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Present HTML page before entering the site WordPress


Is there a way to show "welcome" message before entering the site?

I don't wish to freeze the site, I want it to be live as usual but pre entering the site, everyone will see the message FIRST, click on it and ENTER the site, the regular site.

It should work in this scenario:
1. Entering the site located at
2. See first the HTML page with greeting card (welcome message)
3. Clicking on the HTML will direct users to the default site address, to

Thanks, Sharon.

Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

please see this code

cloudnclear comments:

Thank you, but what should I do with that?
I have created the .php message, but from where I call it?
How do I modify it to my needs?

Arnav Joy comments:

place this file in plugins folder then activate this plugin.

under setting menu you will get a new menu

note:- I have not tested this plugin , so please keep back up of your site including db.

cloudnclear comments:

it's not working.. I get an error message.
Please advice..

Arnav Joy comments:

In that case I have to create something like showing a page when user comes for the first time in the site and then if he clicks on enter the site button then move that area and show the original site


Ikhlaque Maner answers:

You can use following link for solve your problem. You need to read <strong>Kraignos</strong> post.

Thanks you.


Pali Madra answers:

Are you looking for something similar to this [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]?

Or do you want that when people add your website's URL ([[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]) they are taken to a page similar to and then they go to the normal website at

Both the scenarios have different solutions which I can provide.