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Populate a radio/checkbox field on a multipage Gravityforms WordPress


I need populate a field value based on selection of first page. On the First page I have Product Drop down field---

The values of the field should pass to next page. I will add drop down/check box taxonomy field on next page.

I can populate it manually like on the next page if a taxanomy id value is 7 i can use

Parameter is used for dynamic population on gravity forms.

So, in one line I need this value populate automatically from the selection of first page.

I did this something similar few month back here but I forgot the code

It populates Bulding and Time based on selection first page.

Thanks and hopes a clean code solution.

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Remy answers:

This post can help you : [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Jihan Ahmed comments:

I have seen the post previously I think its very close.. but don't know I was troubling to implement it .. if can rewrite it.. also I can increase the prize money. Here u can download a copy of my form used on the site...