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Populate Custom Post Type Templates from Plugin WordPress


I am using Custom Post Type Templates for single pages on my website, but instead of creating a file for the template (single-{post_type}.php) I would like to have the contents populated from a plugin.

- Please can you help me by linking to any resources that detail how to do this
- If appropriate, quote for how much you would charge to complete this work (basic implementation)

Answers (4)


Arnav Joy answers:

can you describe how you want the content ?

npeplow comments:

content wise, I really only need a page that says "hello world" at the moment with header, sidebar and footer on a standard twentytwelve install.


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:


Check this link

Hope it will help you. please ask if you have any doubt in this.

npeplow comments:

Hi Hariprasad

That post details how creating a file for the template "Step 3: Create the Single Page Template File", what I want is for this "file" to be populated from a plugin function. This would allow me to switch between themes without having to recreate it


Hariprasad Vijayan comments:

Hop that will solve your issue. Please ask if you need anything further.

Good luck Nick

npeplow comments:

Hi Hariprasad. It does not solve me issue, I *do not* want to use a template file - instead I want a function in a plugin to handle that.


Krum Cheshmedjiev answers:


There is possible to make a dummy "single-{post_type}.php" with content like:
<?php your_functiuon_in_your_plugin('post_type'); ?>
Then in your plugin you can create just anything. Note that this is a template file, so result has to be recognized as template. This way single function in your plugin can server lots of post types. But I would make a function for each type - easier to debug.

npeplow comments:

Hi Krum

Thanks for the response! If I understand you correctly, your suggestion still seems to include creating an actual file, which is something that would not work for me.

Krum Cheshmedjiev comments:

You car run your function from "single.php", "heared.php", "footer.php"...

Krum Cheshmedjiev comments:

Sorry, "header.php", not "heared.php"...

@Admins: Why no way to correct it here?


Remy answers:

Do you want to bypass the theme and template system completely ? Because even for a CPT, if you have a index.php and style.css files in your theme, it'll display it

npeplow comments:

Hi Remy

This is how I understand wordpress works - when a user visits a page that's set to a custom post type, it looks for a template with the format single-{post_type}.php , this loads via includes the header, footer etc. As I plan to use a number of themes, I dont want to have to create this file for each template - so I would like the functionality of single-{post_type}.php but in a function

This is the closest example that I think may word

npeplow comments:

Apologies, incorrect link above - it should be

Remy comments:

Would it be ok if you created the template file in your plugin directory, and not in the theme directory ? This can work in WordPress too, and you would have the same file whatever the theme is