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Pippity Plug in - Forced Registration WordPress


I am using Pippity (pop up plugin) on a site and need to customize it to force registration. To do that seems to be a two step process. a) remove the "Close X" via the style sheet, which I have done.
The second thing that needs to be done in Pippity is to make it so that when you click outside of the screen, the box does not go away but stays persistent on the screen unless you fill in the form.

I know it is a matter of tweaking the plugin but cannot find the code to tweak.

Answers (3)


Asad Iqbal answers:

Can you please give me your site's URL?

ericblackwell comments: - pop up appears after 5 pages

Asad Iqbal comments:

I can't browse the site, it shows the following message:

"Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a few minutes."

ericblackwell comments:

Try it now, Asad. Sorry about that. The security settings were blocking some countries. I have now made it available to everywhere.

Asad Iqbal comments:

I tried with 2 browser but something wrong with your popup as it shows only 1 time but disappeared instantly. Can you please give me and temporary admin login info into my inbox?

ericblackwell comments:


Asad Iqbal comments:

Please check pm.

Asad Iqbal comments:

Yes, I noticed that it was 10 sec delay and later I set to '0' for work.

Thanks for mentioning.


Christianto answers:

Hi Eric,

please put this code on your functions.php
add_action('wp_footer', 'custom_js_code');
function custom_js_code(){
echo '<script type="text/javascript">';
echo 'jQuery("body").on("click", "#pty_overlay", function(e){ e.preventDefault(); return false;});';
echo '</script>';

there is nothing wrong, its a subscription overlay, once you registered or enter email, it will save some cookie so the overlay registration won't appear again. You can try it by clear your browser cookie and reload the page.


Arnav Joy answers:

how can I check pop up?