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Pictures in frames - not shown in the blog WordPress


I have a problem with my framed pictured - they are not shown at the blog-page - only when I expand the single posts.
If I use the "fetured image" they are shown - but I don't want to use those dimensions.
And if I insert a single picture in the post - without a frame - it is shown.
But I really want to use the fancy frames I have got.

Please take a look at the site

Thank you in advance

Answers (3)


Christianto answers:

By default Karma will remove all your shortcode on blog page.
so if you use shortcode in your post editor to create framed image, it won't appear correctly on blog post..

Did you shortcode look like:
[frame style="modern" image_path="" link_to_page="" target="" description="" size="square_300_full"]

If true, we can try to get that shortcode from your post and parse it manually..

Try this, Please check if you have theme-template-part-content-blog.php file (I only have old version of karma)
You can open it and find
$html = truethemes_generate_blog_image($image_src,$image_width,$image_height,$blog_image_frame,$linkpost,$permalink,$video_url);
echo $html;

And add this code below "echo $html"
preg_match('/\[frame([^\]]*)/i', $post->post_content, $framed);
echo do_shortcode("[frame $framed[1] ]");

your featured image should be empty so it won't show 2 image..

Malin Sundqvist comments:

Perfect! This is what I want!

Only one question - I got the tags

[raw] and [/raw] before and after the picture.
Any way to get rid of it?

See attached image