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Online Process / Form to create Draft Post with Images & Preview WordPress

Hi there,

I have inherited a WP Site which uses WP 3.4.2. and GeoPlace3 Theme (Templatic).

Members of the Scenic Rim Escapes organisation have the ability to create a listing online once logged in. The listing includes text & images.

The existing page for the 'add a new listing' process is here

Once the listing information has been added, the members are able to preview their listing, make any changes and then submit it.

The post is saved as a Draft and awaits moderation from the Admin.

The problems we are having areā€¦
1. Images will not attach to the post. They are somehow put into a temp folder and have to be re-attached to the post from within the WP admin
2. The preview does not show any images
3. As there is a php file that drives the process, submit_place.php it is very difficult for us if we need to change anything like add a new field for input or more help text etc.
4. It seems buggy overall.

I believe that are two options (maybe others)

(1) Identify and Fix the problems within submit_place.php i.e. the image problem so images are properly attached to the post without having to be re-attached and so the preview shows the images etc.)

(2) Create a new process from scratch, maybe a Gravity Forms approach as we have Gravity Forms Developer or a new php process.

I am open to suggestions.

We would like to get this job completed quickly.

Please contact me for any further information.



Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

can you provide me access to your site , I would like to have a look into this


Derry Birkett answers:

It's a server permissions issue: The temp folder must be accessible to the script for the preview, then the uploads folder must also be accessible for the script to move (and create where necessary) the final folders for the images. You need to ssh into your server and use CHMOD to create accessible files and folder structures.

Ray comments:

Hi Derry,

Thanks for your input.

The Temp Folder and the Uploads Folder (incl sub folders for year & months) all currently have the same file permissions.

So if images can be saved to the temp folder they could also be saved to the uploads folder & sub-folders.

Don't think it is a permissions issue.



Derry Birkett comments:

Check the CHOWN then. Possibly it's an ownership issue. It could be the folders are owned by apache:apache and not by your FTP account.



Jurre Hanema answers:

Currently, the site shows "hacked by hacker", I don't think that's a good sign...

Anyway, have you tried enabling debug mode in Wordpress? Do you see any errors or warnings at all?

Normally I would recommend GravityForms for this sort of thing, so if you don't get it working with submit_place.php I highly recommend giving GravityForms a try.

Ray comments:

Hi Jurre,

Thank you for your response.

Yes unfortunately the site does appear to have been hacked. I inherited this site in a mess and it looks like it is in even more of a mess than I first thought.

I am working on fixing the hack and then I will get back to the listing problem.

I am leaning towards a Gravity Forms solution for this.