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Need to center a widget WordPress


Hi! I cant figure out to center a widget horizontal. The theme is responsive so it should be centered also on devices. Right now it jumps around, but its never centered... need a little help.

Its about the black box on:

Answers (3)


Inam Hassan answers:

go to this file,
there is class
add attribute
position: absolute
and it works even responsively
it will work in IE 9, firefox, chrome, safari and opera,
i have checked


Dbranes answers:


please try the two changes:

1) comment out the lines

/*left: 50% !important;*/
/* margin-left: -82px !important;*/

for .OT_wrapper in

2) change from



margin: auto;

for the #OT_form in


Hope this helps


Arnav Joy answers:

your link shows page not found ,