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Need some help Customising a Widget WordPress

Hi there,

I have website and I need some help customising the third widget on the middle of the home page. It just needs two changes done to it through the backend which I'm unable to do.

First I want to change the writing that says 'No upcoming classes for today' to white.

I then also want to change the set up so that it shows not just the classes for that day, but all upcoming classes in the future.

Would really appreciate some quick help!



P.S PM me for FTP and login

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Kate ,

I would like to help you , need access to your site , send me pm

Arnav Joy comments:

for first problem of white color , go to line no. 854 of style.css at following

and change color to white as #fff;

so final result will be

.upcoming_classes_wrapper p.message
color: #fff;

and for second point please explain it more


Kiet Luong answers:

would like to help you