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Need help with a costume module WordPress


The theme i am using bring different modules to display posts. Each module is basically a different layout option.

Currently the module im interested in modifying is module c and it looks like this.

<img src="">. I am looking to change it to this.

<img src="">

Right now its big post follow by x amount of posts (the x is defined in the theme option panel) and i would like to have it be 1 big post followed by 4 small post then 1 big post on the oposite side followed by 4 small posts.

Attached is the Module's code.

Answers (3)


Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

10$ for this job ? it's not enough for me

dipka comments:

Merci beaucoup pour votre intérêt Sébastien. Cependant voici ce que je vous offre pour l'emploi.


Arnav Joy answers:

Hello Dipka ,

This new layout which you require is not so quick and will take time ..
$10 is not enough for this , do you have more budget for this ?


dipka comments:

What do you have in mind?


Firoja_Imtosupport answers:

Hi Dipika,

Do you want only to get result as er your requirement and styles you can change? if yes please provide test site details or share name of theme and i can look in to it. It will be also better if you add me to Skype and i can just see your screen and fix


dipka comments:


I only need to have the module elements duplicated and the order reversed.