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Need help customizing theme and logo on 'Organica' theme WordPress

I have uploaded my logo (way too big) and don't see an option to crop and move it around. You can see it at Or I would like to change the logo all together (will pay hourly for the graphic design).
I also would like to change the orange color to a green color.
I would also like to add a custom contact page with fill ins (to be emailed to us for wholesale accounts).
I'm willing to pay $17/hour for all this (and more things that will come up).

Answers (1)


Arnav Joy answers:

where is the logo in , i did not find it.

afrouzd comments:

I took it off because it was too big and didn't look good. Right now it's just text as you can see.

Arnav Joy comments:

so can you provide me logo and size to croped may be i can help you.