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Marketpress custom checkout form WordPress


I was hoping someone had an idea of how to use your own custom checkout form with marketpress. Is it for example possible to integrate a contact form 7 form as the checkout form. Looking forward to hearing what is possible.

Answers (1)


Arnav Joy answers:

where you want to integrate the checkout form?

bahiarica comments:

on the checkout page, I want to not use the standard form they have but make my own or easily render the one they have, deleting unnecessary fields. The standard form comes with billing and shipping addresses etc. I only need a small part of this information and be able to change as I see fit.

Arnav Joy comments:

can you show me where the form is and tell me what you want to remove or add there?

bahiarica comments:

I will be out this weekend starting now so I'll show you exactly what I mean when I get back.

bahiarica comments:

Sorry for the delay. It was a hectic weekend...anyways I have attached the standard checkout page. I would like to be able to just put in my own modified version. In the page I am working on I just need the contact details and no shipping address but with modifications from the standard form.