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Mark as Read Plugin WordPress


The plugin adds a read count onto items after 10 seconds. This gets added to the items properties.

I want to be able to make it so the more times an item is read the bigger the item gets (persumably using CSS & jquery?)

So if 10 people read an item the size of the item would be 1% bigger or if 100 people read an item it will be 10% bigger. When an item reaches 100% it fills the entire width of the screen.

The website the work is needed for is (

The theme im using is called Elastico (

The plugin is called Mark as Read: (

Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

so what is the link where it counts the read
how can i know that which element is counted and how many times?

patrickclover comments:

Not too sure how to answer your question but i think its mark_as_read_js