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Looking to mimic a testimonial slider from one theme to another WordPress


Hi Guys i have this one site [[LINK href=""]]Lfc seminars Testimonials[[/LINK]] . The theme is karma wordpress theme and they have a testimonial slider shortcode in which testimonials slide and i have control via shortcode how many slides and how long between each slide transition etc...

On the other hand, i have this other website [[LINK href=""]]EZ CHOICE FINANCIAL[[/LINK]] ( infocus wordpress wordpress theme), they do have different testimonials shortcodes . if you look in the middle of the homepage you will see the testimonials i have in there. it moves from one testimonial to the other via arrows that have to be pushed manually

The whole idea is that i want the testimonial short code in infocus [[LINK href=""]]EZ CHOICE FINANCIAL[[/LINK]] to have the sliding capability just like the shortcode in [[LINK href=""]]Lfc seminars Testimonials[[/LINK]]

i hope im being clear. i have possession of both sites and the files for both themes. keep in mind im a noob and don't much about code.

can anybody help

Answers (2)


Hardeep Singh answers:


Please check the site [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] This is under development and has two sliders.
We can get a slider created as a widget/shortcode for you.
You can reach me on Skype/email as specified in [[LINK href=""]]my profile[[/LINK]]


Sam Nasr comments:

Hardeep i see the slider in the bottom of the homepage this is not what im looking for. this [[LINK href=""]]free plugin [[/LINK]]is similar to it
or [[LINK href=""]]this one[[/LINK]] or even [[LINK href=""]]this one[[/LINK]]

Hardeep Singh comments:


As mentioned in my last message <strong>We can get a slider created as a widget/shortcode for you.</strong>

I didn't mention to use the same. It would have been a new plugin with the desired slider and input from admin as slide text and not adding everything in the shortcode.

Anyways, Arnav is working hard with you on this and should be able to provide a solution.



Arnav Joy answers:

Hi ,

You have all your testimoinal setup there at other site , just need to make it auto rotate , so you can use any slider js like [[LINK href=""]]this[[/LINK]] which can be used to make your testimonial rotating .

if you want to make a shortcode for it , then let me know , i can do it

Sam Nasr comments:

Arnav i think your suggestion might work because i need is the testimonial shortcode at [[LINK href=""]]ezchoicefinancial homepage[[/LINK]] auto rotate instead of only relying on the arrow to manual rotate it .