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Looking for Programmer WordPress


I am looking for knowledgeable programmer for wordpress.

My theme is "Karma" by: True Themes (making all changes possible in Child)

I would like you to be knowledgeable of this theme too.

I would consider myself to have somewhere between beginner to intermediate knowledge
of CSS, HTML, mysql and PHP. (some areas stronger than others) I understand many parts of wordpress, but lack in some others.

I have a site I would like to have completed for initial launch within 30 days. I would like to say it is 3/4 done for that initial launch. Although I have many other additions planned for the future.

I would like to address my needs page by page because of my heavy work schedule.

I am not looking for a short-term fix and go, but to meet a programmer that can get me to launch and make additional changes as I go and grow.


Must speak, understand and respond in clear English (THIS IS A MUST!!!)
Must be flexible within reasonable extent.
Gravity Forms functionality & knowledge a must!
Ability to, or access to web/image design a PLUS! (not a lot just some)
Knowledgeable of custom fields, custom post types, functions, php etc.

I had a programmer for 5 years prior to this, but he moved on to bigger and better pastures. :) (you can contact him if you like)

If I have your interest you can look at my doc attached. This just addresses my home page and likely resides to CSS changes if not a smidge of PHP may be required.

The first part of this doc just addresses the plugins I use on the site. (It was a part of a full site write up) After that it just address mainly my home page.

If your interested we will start from there and hopefully if all goes we'll continue on.

If interested please contact me via my profile.

Thanks for your time,


P.S. Unfortunately using RTF format due to the fact I lost my Office Pro in my recent move and my hard drive wore out. LOL! It still works as a word doc.

Please provide a quote for just the home page instructions in the doc and any other useful info you may think applies.

Answers (2)


Fahad Murtaza answers:

Can't find the attached doc.

nimo comments:

See if this works...

nimo comments:

I added the file, but from my view it does not seem to be appearing for DL. Maybe site Admin can chime in on this?

Fahad Murtaza comments:

OK, I still don't see it.

nimo comments:

If you know how to contact Admin please do. If not please advise further. Can email to you if no viable solutions are found.

Fahad Murtaza comments:

I just sent you a message.

nimo comments:

I sent a message via the contact link to the Admin about my RTF doc not showing up.

Thanks for the reply!

Fahad Murtaza comments:


nimo comments:

If anyone else is interested please contact via profile message and I can email doc.



Arnav Joy answers:

Hi ,

Please send me your doc , my email is : [email protected]