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Hello, although this question is not directly wordpress related. I am looking for some help with a javascript music player.

I have an online radio station using icecast that shows 'Artist Name' and 'Song Title' for the current song playing and the previous 4 songs played.

1. I would like to show the current song's 'Cover Art' on the record sleeve and spinning vinyl (as seen here: This is the player that I am using. However the player is separate to the last played tracks script.

2. Show artist and track name below the player (see attached screenshot)

3. Explain how I would show the last 10 played tracks rather than the 4/5 currently there.

If you believe the question requires more money please PM me and let me know if you can help with the work and for how much and I will update the question. Also if you require the code I can send to you to complete the work, its quite lightweight.

Link to the player can be seen in screenshot

Thank you

Answers (3)


Reigel Gallarde answers:

1. you could put the cover link for specific song... like this...

playlist : [
{title: 'Hit the road Jack', artist: 'Anton Belyaev', file:'/demo_files/media/Hit the road Jack.mp3', cover:'/demo_files/media/belyaev.jpg', buyLink:'/'}

2. if you have input the title and artist on your playlist parameter, I believe it will show it there...
3. that's the playlist height I believe...

more configurations here... [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Espreson Media answers:

I will help you out. PM back.


Arnav Joy answers:

Hello Ross ,

I would like to help you for this , can you send me more info please ?