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Issue with Woocommerce Checkout page WordPress



Working on a fairly simply woocommerce enabled site. If you proceed through checkout step by step, all appears to be in working order.

BUT, if at anytime during the process you hit the back button, when you return to the cart, nothing loads - just the header and the h1 for the page. The footer, and if I am logged into the admin, the black admin nav bar at the top, don't load either.

Is this a bigger issue than I think it is? Please let me know, if so. I'm guessing you'll need an admin login - but do let me know.

Thank you!

Answers (7)


Kyle answers:

Do you have any type of caching plugin or service with the site?

ohlivia13 comments:


Kyle comments:

I am having the same thing as Arnav. It all seems to be working when I hit back tried with FF, Chrome, and IE.

Can you describe how to replicate the issue?

ohlivia13 comments:

Did you click on the checkout page? This is what happens what I do -see attached. The admin bar and footer disappear and the cart won't load.