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Internal server serving two different IP's and getting WordPress. WordPress

I have a server that is running IIS and has two network cards in it and running WordPress along with other static webpages. The problem is I cant get WordPress to work with both IP addresses.

For example, server is and

If I go to, the WordPress site comes up and displays correctly, and works.

But if I go to, it takes a while and then it somewhat responds, but appears like the css is missing.

Here are some other notes that I know my server seems to be serving both IP's ok, I have created static website/pages and they work on both IP addresses.

So Im thinking I should be able to get WordPress to fully work on both IP's just I am missing something. I have tried multiple things in the settings dashboard for site name, such as localhost, etc. right now I have in there. So I guess that's why it works as I stated above and not on the

Hoping someone can help me out here...

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Arnav Joy answers:

Can you show me site

69developer comments:

Those IP are on internal network.


zebra webdesigns answers:


If you are using as your wordpress URL,

then the site URL is fixed as so if you go and use the URL as

the site will load without CSS because it hits the index file.
you can check by click any page loaded usinf

it will have the URL as

If you are gonna LIVE the site and show it to client use the following tool. to make the URL change effective

69developer comments:

Not for clients, just internal use. Need to be able to have WordPress work with both IP's.

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello 69developer

Here is my skype id: bhuvan530531

Please download the teamviewer [remote assistance].
I will look in to your exact problem and solve it for you

69developer comments:

Sorry cant give access to the server, its not even connected to internet. It is 100% for internal use only.

I am able to try different settings / configuration and give feedback.

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello 69developer

That idea is entirely not advisable.
The reason is wordpress not stores relative URLs,
so when you insert any images or links inside the post
it will be like http://localhost/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/La-Dolce-Sosta.png.

that can be replaced when we move the site from one ip to other.

So better aware of the things. Can you just explain why you need both IPs to work.

zebra webdesigns comments:

My final solution for you is

duplicate the wordpress installation ,
make a subfolder and put the files over there.
make a duplicate of the database too,

Work on one URL and once you finish the site. copy the database to the another database and use the tool

This comes in real handy and the process takes just 10 to 15 seconds.
I will give the whole idea in the next post

69developer comments:

I have people that are on the 10.4 network and people on the 192.168 network, that is why I need both IP's to work. This server services two separate networks. Like you said in your post, its along the path of the wordpress site url.
Cause on the 192.168.1 network, it loads partially the site (minus css), when you try to login, it goes to the 10.4 IP, but the 192.168.1 network computer cant talk to 10.4.

zebra webdesigns comments:

Plase find the attached image. It will clearly explain the process.
If your computer is connected to other computers use for the main folder
and the for the subfolder