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Include the "responsive-slider" on the top of blogpage? WordPress


I´m working with a wordpress theme called "hipster"

And I want to include the "responsive-slider" on the top of blogpage.
The blog-template don´t include the slider so how do I solve that?

see url,

Answers (3)


Jayaram Y answers:

You can use the shortcode functionality in the archive.php / blog template

use: <?php putRevSlider( "alias" ) ?>

example: <?php putRevSlider("slider1") ?> '


Arnav Joy answers:

you want to use same slider found on home page?

johny comments:

Yes same slider as home page..


Luis Abarca answers:

Revolution slider is a premium plugin.

You need to buy it, install it and the add it with

<?php putRevSlider('your-slider-id') ?>