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Importing posts in .cs / .txt files WordPress


Hello I have a wordpress site that I need to import 334 pages into.

The pages I have are in individual .cs files. I could mass convert these to .txt files if needed.

But is there a way/plugin that would allow me to upload and create the post from the content automatically?

To do this manually is going to take me a while.

I have only set a small price for this question, however if you think that you could do this job for me, please PM me and suggest a price. I don't even mind if someone wants to do this manually as it needs to be done.


EDIT:: I have managed to do this the following way:

1. Convert all .cs files to .txt using Automator on Mac.
2. Create .zip file out of files.
3. Use this plugin to upload .txt files as posts (

This worked very well and very quick.

I will be splitting the prize fund between everyone who answered as I tried all your answers, but in the end used my own way.

Thank You

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Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

Maybe this one?


Navjot Singh answers:

Check this post: and


Arnav Joy answers:

see following plugins:-


Dbranes answers:

I guess your next problem is to avoid importing each file individually by hand.

I assume you have 334 individual csv files in a directory (fx. /csvdir/)

You will need to combine the 334 csv files into one master csv file , so you can use plugins suggested above.

1) if you are using linux/unix it is very easy:

# cd /csvdir/
# cat *.csv > master.csv

2) if you are using Windows you can go into the command line and type

for %f in (*.csv) do type "%f" >> master.csv

see fx:

Then you can open the "master.csv" file in Excel and reorder the columns so it matches the requirements of the importing plugin.