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I have an issue with our website builder WordPress


I'm going to try to explain the issue I'm having with our site.

I'm pretty sure the problem is with the Drag n Drop shortcodes plugin. However, I have done the turn off all plugins routine and see if you can narrow it down to which one is causing the problem.

Currently when I edit a shortcode, nothing pulls up and I can't save the page.

So if I click on a section to edit, it just shows up blank. See screenshot.

So my one option is that I can delete parts. However, when I click save, it just rotates and never saves.

Answers (4)


Shoeb mirza answers:

Can you try updating the website builder to the latest one?
<strong>EDIT</strong> Admin-ajax was not loading properly and insecured way. Fixed!!


Kyle answers:

I can help you with this if you want to send me a PM


Rempty answers:

I can help you
Please send me a PM with the url, and wp-admin logins


Arnav Joy answers:

Can you send me pm to look it more closely.