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How to remove name WordPress


I bought the template called Tech News. I like the template but want to remove the words "Tech News" from the menu in the top. I imagine it is in a php file and all I have to do it download and edit it. I cannot find it. Maybe I am wrong. Please help.

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Dbranes answers:

Do you mean the theme name, it is defined in the stylesheet (style.css)

see more about it here:

Dbranes comments:

or if you mean the page template name, it is defined like this,

Template Name: Snarfer

at the top of the template file.

see more here:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Dbranes comments:

ahh, ok now I understand

You are using image instead of your site title

Go to the TechNews templatic settings.

Select General Settings and select "Display title instead of logo.

Hope this helps

Dbranes comments:

ps. Here is a screenshot of the "Display title instead of logo" setting:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

Give us an URL. Which menu? Is this the template?


Arnav Joy answers:

can you show the url where it is?

mluther628 comments: - see where it says technews

mluther628 comments: is the site technews is in upper left