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How to integrate Karma theme forms & Woocommerce dues/membership WordPress

I am a real rookie.

Site is

I have submit buttons on forms that are done with the Karma theme for "Join Us", and buttons for "Pay Dues" that need to go to a Woocommerce as an gateway to The settings in Woocommerce to are done.

Not sure how to get the submit buttons to go to Woocommerce, or what the settings should be. Do I need submit to go to a checkout or cart?

And does Woocommerce even do memberships and dues?

Answers (2)


Bob answers:

Instead of using Karma theme form and woo commerce your should try some membership plugin.
like wishlist member, s2 member etc, There are many membership free and paid plugins available. That would be easy for you.


Jihan Ahmed answers:

U need to explain ur requirements more clearly. However, as far as I guess u have forms/subscription plans/products etc and u want to integrate it with woocommerce so customers can pay u using woocommerce credit card (authorize gateway). If this is the case I can help u. Plz post ur link to ur site and bit details about ur requirements. Thanks !

Robyn Ricks comments:

Thanks, site is listed at top.

I need the submit button after the forms Join Us, and Pay Dues (button on home page and contact page to link to Woocommerce, or whatever.

It would be great if an it had a communication feature that sent an email to members a month before yearly dues are due.
No membership levels. Thats it and thanks!

Jihan Ahmed comments:

okay.... so currently woocommerce has groups which will add lifetime subscription and the other one which has all the features is too costly

So I have come to an affordable solution: For creating different recurring subscription like 1 year 2 year we can use (free)

and my favorite (note I have purchased this plugin for my other projects already)

Thanks !