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How to Sort Custom Taxonomy List WordPress


I've got a situation where there are a lot of custom categories with children and the site is only to show posts at the end of the line. Otherwise it should show a link to the category that's the next step down.

My Custom Post Type is : projects
My Custom Taxonomy (hierarchical) is: industry

A project can have sub-projects, and in that case it is just added as a child in the 'industry' category. Referring to the example below, "Cafeteria" would be a sub-project of "Blue State University" and as such, "Blue State University" was added as a child category of "University"

Academic (Custom Category)
--University (Custom Category)
---Blue State University (Custom Category)
----Cafeteria (Post)
----Gym (Post)
----Library (Post)
---Red State University (Post)
--Community-College (Custom Category)
--k/12 (Custom Category)

Commercial (Custom Category)
--Restaurant (Post)
--Office Building (Post)

Healthcare (Custom Category)
--Doctor's Office (Post)
--Dentist Office (Post)

Using the example above, if you were to go to the "University" taxonomy.php / archive.php, the list should show two links, "Blue State University" & "Red State University." Clicking on the Red State University link would take you to that, single.php, however, clicking on "Blue State University" would take you to that taxonomy/archive page that listed the links for "Cafeteria" , "Gym", & "Library." Those links would go to their, single.php pages.

Now, to complicate things even further, each single "project" has an "active" or "inactive" post_meta assigned to it. So the list needs to be listed as active first, then inactive.

If this needs to be handled a different way, I'm open to ideas also.

An exact example of what I'm trying to accomplish can be found here:

Answers (2)


juan manuel incaurgarat answers:

Hello Kevin:

I can work on it following the pattern you proposed. I've worked recently on a site with categories, sub-categories and diferent behaviour for them (here it doesn't have as many categories as yours though, but it should be similar).

If you wish to contact me, my email address is [email protected] and my portfolio if you need it is

Thanks you



Arnav Joy answers:

I think i may need access to your site to make it work like you want , if you are up for it then send me access at : [email protected]