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How do I replace WordPress


I need to replace the "office hours" section in header to a job board widget. Here is the url -

PLEASE HELP! :( I will pay more if you help me, I am terrible with code...

Answers (4)


Arnav Joy answers:

what you want to replace can you please explain?

ryball24 comments:

I want to take out the "office hours" section and replace it with this widget plugin -

The problem is that I guess the theme designer did not build the code with the option to replace the "office hours" section and said I have to code it myself and I have no idea how to do it...



Hariprasad Vijayan answers:


You can replace widget from dashboard if you are using a widget for "office hours".

Hariprasad Vijayan comments:

Please ask if you have any doubt or if "office hours" is not a widget.


Sabby Sam answers:

I could help you with this if you provide me the login details? My email ID is [email protected]

Sabby Sam comments:

You could try this one
Step 1 : open your index.php or home.php
step 2. You will find the below code, delete the content between <div class="office-info" style="height: 400px;">
as given below and under add the shortcode

<div class="office-info" style="height: 400px;">
<?php echo do_shortcode('[wp_latest_job]');?>


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

If you need assisted help send me via PM FTP details and job will be done faster.