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Highlighting thumbnails & Script WordPress

I am using the Agency theme, my website is:
Is there a possibility to change the behavior of the portfolio this way, that when someone selects a portfolio category then the relevant projects are not just highlighting but also being sorted to the top? I am asking because when you have lots of projects to show then it would be easier to find them.

And one more thing,
Is it possible that when i press on a category, the name of it appears in the adress bar after the domain name? I mean if i press: restaurants category, in the adress bar it appears: It will be better indexed by Google this way.

Waiting for your reply as soon as possible,
Thank you,

Answers (1)


Arnav Joy answers:

i think you should go with creating category.php it will solve your both the problem , so when you will press any category at left side then it will open new page and will show posts from that category only not from all .
it will also make url as you want.

let me know if you need my help doing it.

my email is : [email protected]

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