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I recently built [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] with the Photocrati theme and need help on a few things I'm not certain how to do effectively. I would like to know how to make these changes in case I end up deciding to reverse them or alter them a bit.

They are:

<strong>-</strong> Tweaks to the “Gallery Photos” category: **This category is only used for galleries, and is hidden from the blog.
<strong>-</strong> <strong>-</strong> Eliminate breadcrumbs on “Gallery Photos” category posts.
<strong>-</strong> <strong>-</strong> Remove ‘By Admin and timestamp’ on “Gallery Photos” category posts.
<strong>-</strong> Thumbnails below gallery photo to be whiter instead of being darker.
<strong>-</strong> Center the gallery titles on gallery pages above the images, and lower them a little bit. (approx. 10 pixels)
<strong>-</strong> Slightly lower the navigation bar so it’s more aligned with “DESIGN” in the logo.
<strong>-</strong> Depending on the dpi settings or the display resolution, the site can get jacked up, off center, or sloppy looking. I would like to resolve this problem. (see attached picture)

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

hey increase your amount for the solutions it should be $50

Arnav Joy comments:

please send me details at [email protected] I am ready to do it in $16.

Josh Sauberman comments:

Thank you for your help Arnav. We will finish this tomorrow and I will pay you more than the $16 when we're finished.

* Arnav is helping me. Thank you to everybody who considered my request. *


Julio Potier answers:

1) "it should be $50"
2) "I am ready to do it in $16"
<blockquote>"Before, i was schizophrenic, but now, we are ok" - Arnav</blockquote>

Haha, i'm joking ;)
@josh : you can contact me on skype : julio.boiteaweb or gtalk : [email protected]
I'll do it for you, i'm french and i also suggest about $50

See you soon !