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Help with edits to my site WordPress


Hello I am looking for someone to help with the last edits to my site. I have created this post for $1 as I would like you to let me know if you can do these edits and give me an idea for what I should expect to pay. You may PM me with a price or post here.

Once I have chosen someone to help me I will increase the bid to the amount and vote the person to help me, so all transactions go through this site. I hope this is allowed as I believe I have read on this site before that the sites creator had OK'd this.

My site: horsebreedersuk( .com )/stallions/mfs-vision/

1. Thumbnails on post page open in a new window, I would like them to open in a fancybox/lightbox or similar, I have installed fancybox, but cannot get this to work. The thumbs are generated by wp-galleria plugin.

2. I would like to be able to create a search option at the top of the archive page that would search the horses discipline i.e. Showjumping, Eventing, Dressage etc. Each post has this info in a custom field within the post. Is there a way to create a dropdown box with these options in, so a user could show all posts that have the custom field 'Dressage' for example. I have seen this plugin: ( Would this do the job? Can you install and setup for me?

3. I would like to be able to feature certain posts, so on the archive page: http://www.horsebreedersuk( .com )/stallions/ I would like to be able to sticky a chosen post to the top of the page with a certain css styling attached to it (i.e. a green border around the featured post.) This could be as simple having a featured category and if a post was in both categories then show it at the top of the page.

Could you please PM me your cost for doing these edits, I will then choose someone to help me. I can provide FTP details, I would prefer you to do the edits rather than you telling me how to do them, it will prob be quicker this way also.

I will then increase the amount for the question and choose you as the winner once the work is done.

Thank you

EDIT: Currently 'Robin Gupta' is helping me with these edits. Thank you all for your bids and PM's

Answers (6)


Arnav Joy answers:

i have started working on this site.

Arnav Joy comments:

I have worked on your all three issues:--

1. thumbnail lightbox
2. custom field search
3. featured post

please check and let me know if there is any issue


Arnav Joy comments:

Thanks for your reply

I will finish all things today , and will send you a message .


Romel Apuya answers:

Hi Ross,

I would love to work on this,




Julio Potier answers:

Hello Ross,

I can do this, i do this kind of work every day, and all day long :)

You can even contact me on skype : julio.boiteaweb

My rate is $55/hour, secure coding (i'm web security consultant)

See you soon !


Hardeep Singh answers:

Sent you a PM.


Reland Pigte answers:

Hi Ross, I just sent you a PM.
You can also contact me on skype: relandpigte



Alberto Hornero Luque answers:

Ross Gosling,

I just sent you a private message.