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Help with deleting files in public_html directory WordPress

I need to delete all of the files in the public_html directory, except for the "myemail" subdirectory, which I'd like to leave as is.

Because of the large number of files that have been generated because of malicious activity, I am having difficulty in deleting them. I get a "warning: unresponsive script" error.

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Navjot Singh answers:

Do you have SSH access? or trying using a ftp software?

Avonnes comments:



Arnav Joy answers:

how you are trying to delete right now?

Avonnes comments:

From FTP and From cPanel. Neither one is working. Deleted files are being recreated.


Balanean Corneliu answers:

I suggest you to save that folder you need on your computer and after that delete and rebuild the public_html folder.

Avonnes comments:

Tried to download folder via FTP and cPanel. No success.


2510506 answers:

Avonnes, please check pm


Call to support with this situation, do u have a working backup?


Rempty answers:

If you can access Cpanel you can use the filemanager to delete the files.

Avonnes comments:

My site has been 'hacked' so there are more than 9K files to delete . . . which prompts the error message mentioned

Rempty comments:

Is a wordpress??
Save your theme, uploads and db.
Take note the plugins you are using to reinstall later.
Desinfect your theme manually, you need to open file by file and check.

Delete all your wordpress and resintall a new one with the latest version.
Reinstall the plugins.
Reupload your theme, uploads, db.
Install ithemes security.

Cross your fingers and good luck.