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Help with Scribu Posts 2 Posts [budget $20] WordPress


I need two specific function.

1. Rewrite url query in wp query
2. Filter add new button to assign new post to its parent id automatically.

I have explained it very clearly in following screenshots

I have other works. First this need to be resolved. I would be much happy if you can do it using

This plugin is forked from posts2post plugin.

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Rempty answers:

Can't understand, explain more

Jihan Ahmed comments:


Rempty comments:

Right now you click on dollar icon and open screenshot 2?, and you want to open screenshot 3?

Jihan Ahmed comments:

Currently its a php site. I am implementing it on WordPress. The dollar icon will open a new post type called "donate" and will display the list of post filtering on the id of the post u click on at screen one. And on screen to if I create new post it should save to this particular id.

If you are confident or believe you can help me I can show you the live site.

Rempty comments:

Send me a PM with more information, i can help you.

Rempty comments:

This code will add a column to sponsor, linking to donations

add_filter('manage_edit-sponsor_columns', 'my_columns'); //manage_edit-{post_type_name}_columns
function my_columns($columns) {
$columns['donations_link'] = 'Donations';
return $columns;

function modify_post_table_row( $column_name, $post_id ) {
switch ($column_name) {
case 'donations_link' :
echo '<a href="'.get_admin_url().'edit.php?connected_type=sponsor_to_donation&connected_direction=from&connected_items='.$post_id.'&post_type=donation">Donations</a>';

add_action( 'manage_posts_custom_column', 'modify_post_table_row', 10, 2 );