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Gravity Forms, NextGen Gallery and NextGen Custom Fields WordPress


I am using Gravity Forms to allow users to upload photos with a title, description and a few other fields to a NextGen Gallery on my website.

The three plugins I am using are:
Gravity Forms
NextGEN Gallery
NextGEN Custom Fields

I am using the NextGEN Custom Fields to add a few extra fields to each image in the gallery. What I am trying to figure out is how to automatically get the data that the users enter from the Gravity Forms contact form to display in the Next Gen Gallery so I don't have to manually enter them for each image.

How I have it set up now is when a user fills out the contact form on the website, they can upload a photo, choose their city from two check boxes, enter their name, their occupation, enter a photo tile and a description. When the user submits the photo the file is uploaded to my NextGEN galley directory. I get an email notifying me that a new image is uploaded and I go into the manage gallery option in the NextGEN Gallery and I click the button that says "scan folder for new images". This will find any new images, create thumbnails for them and thanks to [[LINK href=""]]Arnav Joy[[/LINK]] they are now marked as "exclude" so I can moderate them. What doesn't happen is the "scan for new images" feature doesn't inport any of the extra fields from the Gravity Forms contact form. This means that I have to enter the users information and photo details for each image and I want it to be more automatic.

The input fields I am using are:

Name (input field)
Occupation (input field)
Photo Title (input field)
Photo Description (input field)
City (checkbox; either Portland or New York)

The ideal solution would be to create a function that I can place in my functions.php file instead of hacking one of the existing plugins that could be overwritten if not careful when updating the plugins. If a sledgehammer hack is the only way to go...I could live with that.

Please let me know if you need any screenshots or additional information from me.

Answers (1)


Arnav Joy answers:

I have send you a PM for this please check.

Arnav Joy comments:

I am working on it.

derekshirk comments:

Sounds Great. Let me know if you need anything else from me. I appreciate your help!

Arnav Joy comments:

Hello ,

I have completed the tasks please check ,


derekshirk comments:

All of the information looks like it is being inserted into the gallery as I had hoped. One issue that I noticed is that when a user submits an image I receive an email notification and I have it set up to display the image the user submitted in my email as well as display the full url of the image (see screenshots attached). I was using the Gravity Forms merge tag {Upload your photo:5} to do this. For example:
<img src="{Upload your photo:5}" width="600px">

It seems like the new function you added conflicts with this. Any thoughts?