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Gravity Forms HTML Output WordPress


I am trying to create a wizard for my website.

It would function similar to the wizard on this page.

I have found the gravity forms plugin that provides 99% of the functionality I needed.

My wizard prototype is located at

It works beautifully except for one problem. The wizard is supposed to display recommendations based on your answers to questions in the wizard.

I want to email a report to the person once they have used the wizard that displays my recommendations. These recommendations are HTML output in Gravity Forms. They are links.

The problem is Gravity Forms does not allow HTML blocks to be part of the form submission, so they won't come up in the all_fields merge tag.

On the gravity forms forum, I was told to use the code on this page

to find the id of the HTML output blocks and then display them in emails.

Frankly I am lost.

Does anyone know how to output any HTML blocks just as easily as other fields are outputted in Gravity Forms.

Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

your link is not working

Arnav Joy comments:

can you come on skype

my skype:


Hai Bui answers:

Perhaps you can put the HTML in "hidden" fields?


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

<blockquote>"to find the id of the HTML output blocks and then display them in emails."</blockquote>

ID of the html output ??
The id you must have in this code is the ID of your form.