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Fix the Pagination Error WordPress



I have a blog I have pagination error 404. I need help to fix this.


Answers (3)


Daniele Raimondi answers:

I wrote about it some time ago here:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

give a try to that solution


Arnav Joy answers:

try write following before where you have called pagination function

<?php wp_reset_query();?>


She Codes answers:

Do you use posts on your site, or only a custom post type?

Try creating 11 posts and test if at least page 2 works. If that is the case, I can help you.

apps400 comments:

there is more than 50+ posts (custom post)

And the theme supports both post & custom post...

She Codes comments:

Yes, I can see you have 6 pages with custom posts.

My question is do you have created more than 10 posts (the ordinary posts, not custom posts)?

If not, try creating 11 new posts (not custom posts) and let me know if page 2 started working.