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Fix some issues in jQuery slider WordPress


Hello guys,

I'm using swiper ( to create a fullscreen slider functionality as here:

Currently is has several issues:

1) In Firefox it doesn't center and doesn't show the last slide for some reason
2) In Webkit it resizes incorrectly
3) In Safari it blinks while changing the slides
4) Has some issues in IE

What I need is to make it fullscreen and correct behaviour in all browsers.

You can grab the archive with the demo here:

Answers (6)


S├ębastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

Could I suggest to you to use this script : [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

denoizzed comments:

unfortunately it's not I'm looking for.


Aezaz Shaikh answers:

Mail me your ftp and site details at shaikhaezaz80 at gmail

denoizzed comments:

Please download the demo by the link


Ryan S answers:


Okay since it works fine in demo, can you check browser console and find if there is any error, conflict in there?

denoizzed comments:

Well it doesn't work fine in the demo, as I said.


isp_charlie answers:

please check this link, i have updated something, Thanks

denoizzed comments:

Thanks, it's a bit not what I looking for. It doesn't has to center every image separately, but rather center the highlighted image in firefox as in other browsers.


Arnav Joy answers:

which version of IE has issues and what?

denoizzed comments:

IE9+, incorrect positioning of images.


Linda answers:

Hi, how about this: ?

denoizzed comments:

Thanks, but it won't work, because I need it fullscreen.