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First paragraph of blog excerpt WordPress


I am working with a theme made by organic themes. The issue I'm having is the first paragraph of the blog except is shorter then the rest. I don't now how to fix this. You can see it in the longer excerpts on this page I just need it to cover the whole area. It doesn't seem to be a css issue.
Please note: I have added content into the except and that is what is showing on It just the first paragraph is being shortened for some reason.

Thank you for helping out.

Answers (2)


Naveen Chand answers:

Hello Carlos,

The issue is indeed with css. I have been able to rectify it in my own browser. Look at the Screenshot. You can achieve this by having this in your style.css

.featuredtitle {

Check out in this screenshot I got for you!


Arnav Joy answers:

have you entered any thing in the excerpt area for the first post?
if not then go to admin post edit page and enter content there

Arnav Joy comments:

you can also write following code to functions.php of your theme to make fix no. of characters

function modified_excerpt_length($length) {
return 40;
add_filter('excerpt_length', 'modified_excerpt_length');