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On my site I have social media button on the Home page in 2 locations

Botton of the page - work fine
Top of the page - do not work and move around (want to delete these but I can't find the code - where it is written so I can delete it)

Is it possible to have the social media button below the top navigation, I.e. below Store, contact and logout ?

Site is

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Julio Potier answers:


Sorry but i do not agree with any CSS solution ...
These social buttons have to be placed correctly in the code, not randomly then moved with CSS. Too easy, too quick, too ugly, this is not pro ... again.
Also, i do not see a "top button" !?

So here's my turn
1) I prefer move the social buttons code below top of navigation menu
2) Do you want these button always here or just for homepage ?
3) Where is your "top of page" button ? In every case i can quickly find this button with FTP access (as i usually do with others people)
4) (Off topic) I saw that the "4 red arrows" picture is linked to itself, i think you can remove the link on it :)
5) (Off topic) I saw an empty "colorbox" code on the homepage, hidden but present, if it's not used, we can find this and remove it also.

I can see that you use this theme :
Take care ! This theme is using TimThumb !! The script who brok a lot a websites !
And i found a strange thing too in piecemakerXML.php file, if i type "?vars=[height=Hello%20you%20!]" My text is printed ... Take take to vulnerabilities ! (i'm Web Security Consultant ;p)

See you soon i hope.

ps : get the last version asap :

Bookinars comments:

Hi Julio

I have had problems with this theme!

Yes I would like th asocial media buttons on the home page only.
I would like you to sort the security issues thanks.
If you give me your email I can set you up as an admin so you can sort the issues.

Kind regards


Jerson Baguio answers:

Your top social sites works fine but its just the div element of the content page was overlapping it.. I Think this social media buttons are on your sidebar.php

Yes we can have social media button at the top navigation as you suggest.

IF you can't find the buttons i can help you on this.

If you can give me access of your site i will help adjust this social buttons.

Jerson Baguio comments:

Here's a css for you try positioning your

Top Social media site

div#page div{
margin: -96px 164px 0 0;
position: relative;
z-index: 1;


Add this to your style.css

Jerson Baguio comments:

If you apply that CSS i think it will fix your issue
kindly checked the attached file i added the css code via firebug