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Embed not operating correctly WordPress

Hello I have the embed for chat which is:

<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" id="chat_embed" src=";popout_chat=true" height="500" width="400"></iframe>

Now for some reason no matter what I do when I try to "connect with facebook" it always gets stuck on a callback like this:

And it doesn't redirect back to my site. How do I fix this?

Answers (4)


Michael Caputo answers:

Can you share the link where this is happening?

liv comments:

Embed the link and test it.

liv comments:

I am not sure if it is server-side or client-side issue.

Michael Caputo comments:

Seems to be working on my end.


Arnav Joy answers:

try to deactivating other plugins and then try it.

or if you have any redirecting function in your theme then try to remove that


Asad Iqbal answers:

can I have the link please?


rhand answers:

There seems to be a similar question on [[LINK href=""]]Twitch[[/LINK]] , but no answer there. The code is valid html as far as I can check, but as we did not get the site's url we cannot validate all code nor see if there is another type of conflict. As Arnav mentioned you could try deactivating all plugins to see if they are conflicting with the embed code. On Twitch they also [[LINK href=""]]mention[[/LINK]] it sometimes can be a browser and or Flash specific issue, so it would be good to check the loading in several browsers such as IE8/9, Firefox and Google Chrome to make sure it is a cross-browser issue or just related to one browser and or Flash.

liv comments:

It is a cross browser issue, let's say it's caused by the facebook plugin, how would I fix it then?