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Email Signup Form WordPress


Hi there,

I just need someone to fix up a small email signup png form.

Its for but the site isn't live yet.

It needs an image frame like the images next to it and I just need to fix up the alignment to make the join button move closer and the 'Enter your email' to stay inside the field box.

PM me for login info.


Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

Hello Kate ,

I would like to help you for this , send me pm please

Kate Hernandez comments:

Perfect, thank you!


Sachindra Narayan answers:

hi Kate..this seems to me as just a simple css tweak.....the label, i guess you have used for the text, has gotta to have some style changes...will definitely need the url atleast....or the code for the blocks would be enough...


Naveen Chand answers:

Hi Kate,

If I can recall, I have helped you with the same form in a different website few months ago. I hope you are using something similar code like this one below which I have sent you then:

<form action="" method="post" style="background:url('');background-repeat:no-repeat;height:199px" target="_blank" onsubmit="return window.confirm(&quot;You are submitting information to an external page.\nAre you sure?&quot;);">
<div style="position:relative;top:150px;left:35px">
<input type="text" name="cm-iltho-iltho" style="position:relative;bottom:40px;border:none;right:11px;max-width:163px" size="20"><br>
<input type="image" value="Subscribe" src="" style="position:relative;bottom:82px;right:-140px;border:none;background:transparent;width:65px;height:58px"></div>

Please send the code that you are working on around this form so I can update it accordingly. You can as well do it yourself if you want to bring the "Enter email" box down. You could simply adjust the style attribute for input text tag.