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Easy Wysija Form Width Problem WordPress



I need help modifying the subscription form I have created with Mailpoet(Wysija). Here is the site page where you can see the issue:

The form seems to be the entire length of the page while I want it to look more similar to this form (in relation to length) :


Answers (4)


Roberto Mas answers:

in your theme stylesheet


.widget_wysija_cont {width: 400px;}

ashgarrett comments:

Thanks for your response!

I just tried adding .widget_wysija_cont shortcode_wysija {width: 400px;} to the end of the styles.css code and it didnt change anything.

Maybe it's because I'm not using the widget?

I just inserted the shortcode from the form I made into the page "Subscribe" and never did anything with the widget.


Hariprasad Vijayan answers:


Add following code to your style.css

.wysija-input {
width: 320px !important;

ashgarrett comments:

Thank you! This worked perfectly :) I need to learn some CSS of my own soon!


Arnav Joy answers:

write following in css

.widget_wysija.shortcode_wysija {
float: left;
.wysija-paragraph {
width: 320px;

ashgarrett comments:

Thanks but I'm not using a widget :(


Bob answers:

if you are using shortcode to insert form.
Then first go to text view of your editor.
you might see your shortcode. put it in div tag with the width of 350px or change the width as you wish.

<div style="width:350px">[write your short code here]</div>

ashgarrett comments:

This also worked great! Thanks everyone!!!