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I need to know the best way to accomplish the following:
I have a site that is using Types & Views for a "Resources" custom post type.
A user/member has to register to submit a resource listing and there are two options: a free listing or a premium/paid listing.
On the user/member's profile/account page, there should be an option to add another free or premium listing. There should also be a list of the resource(s) the user has submitted already with an "Edit" link to edit that listing.
I am using Types & Views to have full control over the layout of the listings. I am also using their CRED form plugin to add these listings on the front-end.

Thank you.

Answers (2)


Kyle answers:

Use a membeship plugin such as S2 Member to create two tiers of users, free and premium. You can use that to select the payment plan (monthly, one-time, etc. ), and integrate with paypal or google checkout to accept payments. From there you can select which content is visible by which type of user. I.e. you could have the form for creating the premium listings only visible to premium members and vice-versa.

Use types to create a premium cpt and a free cpt.

To display all their posts use a wp_query to display them, and insert a link with the correct CRED query string to pull that listing into the frontend editor.

The process you are describing has very many steps, so it is hard to write a good summation here, a project like this could have any number of specifics depending on what you are looking for, but that's a start :)


Arnav Joy answers:

you can use any membership plugin like




and then you can create two post types for paid and free listings and can create form based on user role to create that listings

then using query_posts or usign Wp_Query class you can pass parameters to list the listings in a page , again for paid and free membership