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Customizing High Art Theme WordPress


I need help editing the background (I've made progress, but have had to edit several pages to get several components to have a white background), colors (calendar included) fonts, & navigation for the High Art theme. Also need help changing the width of the sidebar.


Answers (2)


Asad Iqbal answers:

I can help you. Please tell me more details about which pages you want to customize. And also tell me about fonts and sidebar width.

laurenesque comments:

I'd like to change all of the background colors to white, and would like the sidebar perhaps 10-20px wider. For the background and fonts, I'd like to be able to customize those, rather than just change them the one time. Thanks.

Asad Iqbal comments:

Please check the link and go to Documentation section:

You can find how to change background color. I noticed that there is also a custom css option in theme admin panel, you may add you desired font there.

And for widget, you can change it's width using css modification. But before proceed can you please give me access of your site into my inbox thus I can take a look and tell you how easily you can change it's width too. Also please mention how much width you want to increase.


Arnav Joy answers:

Hi ,

I would like to help you for these , let me know if you are interested .