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Customisation of the superhero theme - header colours WordPress


Hi guys.

I have the superhero theme set up and have the customised css functionality (i purchased this extra).

Currently I have the generic black coloured header and the grey header link colours.

What I would like to change is the:
1. The black header colour to a custom colour of my choosing.
2. The current grey header link text colour to a colour of my choosing.

I had a look at the custom design functions (which I also bought) but this cannot be done there.

Much appreciate your assistance with the css coding to change the above two elements.


The blog I need help with is

Answers (3)


Ian Lincicome answers:

to change the header color add this CSS in the themes style sheet or if there is an area in the wp-admin for adding css for this theme, you can add it there.
#masthead-wrap {
background-color: #F00 !important;
...and change the color to what you desire. I put the code for red there for now as a placeholder.

...then to change the top nav text color use this the same way:
.main-navigation a, .main-navigation a:visited {
color: #00F !important;

I hope that answers your question, but let me know if you have any questions regarding this answer. if you require it done for you, I could do it with proper access to wp-admin

I see someone answered your last question, let me know if you still need help. Just a tip....if you have Firefox you can right click on any element on your webpage and select "inspect element" and it will show you the css at the bottom of your screen. IE and other browsers have this feature as well. It is an easy way to figure out what CSS you need to change to fix things like this. That's how I did it. You should get used to doing that and you can easily do it yourself from now on;-)

anth0888 comments:

Thanks! That has worked a treat.

I also wish to modify the colour of when the mouse is hovered above an option in the menu bar.

1. How / the css code to change the black background of the drop down options.
2. How / the css code to change the colour (it goes grey) when the mouse hovers above an option.

See screenshot for what i mean :)