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Css menu issue with template and plugin WordPress


Hi Everyone

hopefully this isn't a biggy,

i'm currently building site using a template as the foundation,

when i normally mouse over the menu, the sub nav normally scrolls down nicely and the hover state remains on the base nav item when moving the mouse over the sub nav links,

please see

theres a frontend post uploading plugin called WP User Frontend, which i really need to use in the site, however whenever i activate it it cause the menu to lose its hover state when i mous over the cub menu items,

also the sub menu items dont open gracefully it jus appears

please see,

i removed all the css files from the plugin folder to see if i could route out which one was causing the confliction, but removing them didn't change anything, unless there is css in the plugin itself.. i have no idea how to find the issue?

please could someone offer an idea or two as to how i could fix it

i've unlocked the site temporarily for viewing

i'm using wp 3.4.2
and the plugin version is 1.1

Thanks alot

Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Mike ,

Well to see actual problem i have to login into your site to activate and deactivate plugins so kindly send me pm with login details.

Mike Peters comments:

hi Arnav, i sent you a private message, Thanks

Arnav Joy comments:

did you tried clearing cache after removing css of plugin?

Mike Peters comments:

Hey yes i did clear the cache, didn't make a difference, so i'm thinking there must be css within the plugin itself or something down those lines

Arnav Joy comments:

you not only have to clear browsers cache but also cache from admin setting also , did you do that?

Mike Peters comments:

hey uh no i didn't do that.. can i just use w3 cache to do that? i'll give it a try quick

Mike Peters comments:

yeah i used the w3cache plugin to clear the cache but it didn't work


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

Have you tried to deactivate the Better WordPress Minify plugin? Sometimes they make such problems.
Good luck.

Mike Peters comments:

hi Abdelhadi

yes i actually am running that, i disabled it earlier and it wasn't the issue
the plugin thats giving me trouble is the wp user frontend plugin, there some css or something within the plugin that is messing with the menu

Thanks for the response


Christianto answers:

Hi Mike,

I get Object [object Object] has no method 'on' error, I think it break the menu hover and dropdown.
Your version of jQuery (1.6.4) on your site isn't support [[LINK href=""]]on()[[/LINK]], you can include at least version 1.7

try that to see if it work.

I got that "has no method on" error on line WPUF <- is it wordpress user front end plugin?
basically the plugin use jQuery method to bind event - on() - while your site not include jquery that has on() method
jQuery(document).ready(function($){var WPUF_Obj={init:function(){
$('#wpuf_new_post_form, #wpuf_edit_post_form').on('submit',this.checkSubmit);
$('#pass1').val('').keyup(this.passStrength);$('#pass2').val('').keyup(this.passStrength);$('#pass-strength-result').show();this.featImgUploader();this.ajaxCategory();},checkSubmit:function(){var form=$(this);form.find('.requiredField').each(function(){if($(this).hasClass('invalid')){$(this).removeClass('invalid');}});var hasError=false;$(this).find('.requiredField').each(function(){var el=$(this),labelText=el.prev('label').text();if(jQuery.trim(el.val())==''){el.addClass('invalid');hasError=true;}else if(el.hasClass('email')){var emailReg=/^([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])+\@([A-Za-z0-9_\-\.])+\.([A-Za-z]{2,4})$/;if(!emailReg.test($.trim(el.val()))){el.addClass('invalid');hasError=true;}}else if(el.hasClass('cat')){if(el.val()=='-1'){el.addClass('invalid');hasError=true;}}});if(!hasError){$(this).find('input[type=submit]').attr({'value':wpuf.postingMsg,'disabled':true});return true;}

Mike Peters comments:

Hey Christianto That did it!

Please Could you tell me how you managed to test that? how did you manage to see that error?

Thanks so much for you help, really appreciated :)