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Convert WordPress built-in gallery into a slideshow WordPress

I came across this plugin on Github which, by the description, is supposed to do exactly what I'm looking to do:

I'd like to have the built-in WordPress gallery to display as a slideshow (preferably with Flexislider as the plugin does).

The problem is that that plugin only seems to be tested up to WP 3.4 and it's not working for me in 3.5 (using TwentyTwelve).

I'd like to also have this baked right into my theme's functions.php file (not a standalone plugin).


Answers (3)


Luis Abarca answers:

Hi, i can help you if you provide me login details, i'll send you a private message.

Seems that the plugin deactivate itself on this line

function mv_gallery_to_slideshow_activation()
// check compatibility
if ( version_compare( get_bloginfo( 'version' ), '3.4' ) >= 0 )
deactivate_plugins( basename( __FILE__ ) );


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

I'v tested the plugin after removing the compatibility check, but it doesn't work as well!!
I want just to share with you this tutorial I hope you find it useful:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Good luck.


Arnav Joy answers:

you can also use this plugin

it has option to convert default gallery to slider