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Cloud providers for WordPress? WordPress

A friend is asking hosting solutions that offer complete control over files (not but which automates some of the sysadmin work. I have looked at some stuff like Heroku and Acquia (which seems focused on Drupal?) I am curious, what are some of the cloud providers that focus on WordPress? I'm looking for hosting providers that provide more services than just a shared account on a server, but don't constrict one's options as much as

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Navjot Singh answers:


Navjot Singh comments:

Also there's


Gabriel Reguly answers:

And [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Daniel Yoen answers:

you can try :


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

I think this post will help you:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

We can add also:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

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Arnav Joy answers:

see these two articles , hope that will help you


Ross Wilson answers:

I am generally in agreement with what others have said here, that being said I did not have good luck with ZippyKid, who were pretty unprofessional in handling downtime and had some horrible downtime stats as of a few months ago.

WPEngine looks decent if you are not running multisite and don't mind their restrictions on plugins (generally not an issue, but check).

If you are looking for lower cost I would actually recommend Dreamhost + cloudflare(free). If you use the wordpress installer in the dreamhost panel they will update the wordpress core for you if you so wish. You choose from None, Notify, Auto Upgrade, and Auto Upgrade without Notify.

Edit: Another host that hasn't been mentioned here is lightningbase. They seem to have some really resonable prices, very good uptime and SSD backed machines. I might be giving them a try with my next site.


John Cotton answers:

I have sites with WPEngine and generally, I'd recommend them. A few caveats though:

1/ Support - WPE is growing fast and support is one of the growing pains. When it comes, it's professional and helpful, but it can be slow in coming....
2/ Caching - the caching is great for performance, but comes at a price. If you have a lot of dynamic pages (ie content that varies by user), you have to switch the caching off. So things like WooCommerce baskets (and other ecommerce plugins) have to be outside the cache. That is fine, but - for example - if you want to display a basket on each page, you've got to do it another way than PHP in the page (ajax usually).
3/ Sessions - Sessions cookies just don't work. If you need them, best look elsewhere
4/ Non-standard ajax calls - Some plugins access don't use WP ajax but rather call PHP files in the plugins or theme folder directly (WooThemes, I'm talking about you :), but I know you've fixed some of these ). Those calls are bocked by WPE so you have to work around or not use the plugin.

If you live with the points above, you will struggle to find better value.


Espreson Media answers:

Here is the solution from It provides specialized cloud server.
◈ LINK :


Asad Iqbal answers:

Hi Lawrence,
You can try cloudflare. My hosting company ( have a partnership with cloudflare, you can try it for free. I use it for some of my websites, it works great so far.


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

For Spanish users who wants a Spanish language hosting, I would recommend Gigas:, nowadays is the best in Spanish world for this issue.


MDan answers:

See these providers:
The plans are affordable and it's managed by copyblogger media which owns also Studiopress with their awesome Genesis Framework.
They have also a good tolerance on plugins (i think it's pretty important in wordpress).
Also a good choice for high traffic websites.
Could be a good choice for that matter.




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