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Changing custom post and custom taxonomies to root permalinks WordPress


I`ve created a custom post type contribute with permalink structure as follows:
and two custom taxonomies departments and categories with permalink structure

Is it possible to make all urls reside one level higher and how?

Answers (2)


Manoj Raj answers:

Use this plugin to remove custom taxonomy slugs "departments" and "categories" from the url

The above plugin won't allow you to remove slug from custom post type...

Use the following plugin to remove slug from custom post type "contribute"

Pavel Petrov comments:

YES! That works =D Now the only thing left is to find out how to award you the money


Arnav Joy answers:

see this article for category removal from url

or try this plugin

Arnav Joy comments:

when you define your custom post type, you have to define a "slug." try leaving it undefined, or 'slug' =>

Pavel Petrov comments:

Tried that turned out it is a bad technique usually breaking something else(in my case posts/pages started leading to 404)

Arnav Joy comments:

after defining that , try to reset permalink once more

Pavel Petrov comments:

I`ve put $wp_rewrite->flush_rules(); in my functions for the development(got tired of going to permalinks) so it is not that