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Centralise the page title WordPress


Hi I am wondering how to make the page titles centralise. I don't want to add padding because I may change the page titles at some point, it needs to be central. (See Red Circle)

Also the summary titles of events need to go more to the left, so needs padding to the right. (See blue circle) It looks fine on big screen, but on mobile half of the writing is missing.

My site is

Picture attached

Many Thanks


Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

your site show internal error and not laods?

Arnav Joy comments:

for summrey titles add following to your css file

.dws_side_ul{ paddong:0;}

inmcr comments:

It does load but very slowly, I am still sorting this problem out.

GoDaddy are fixing this.



Arnav Joy comments:

for menu problem , remove padding-left:40px from following class


line 1110

Arnav Joy comments:

so for first problem

replace line 1110 with

.menu{ padding-left:0 ; float:left}

and for second problem

replace line 2081 with following

ul.dws_side_ul {
float: left;
padding: 0;


Duncan O'Neill answers:


to centre the menu properly;

line 1111 of style.css

.menu {
margin:0 2%;

( take out the float:left; and margin-left:40px )