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CSS > Need Help for my Form WordPress


Hi Team,

I try to reproduce this form :

I try to make it with Ninja Form wordpress Plugin but i need your help because i can't do the same result :

- Put select field in the same presentation
- Add CCS Effect on Hover and Active field
- Good looking for the progress bar with wording inside

If someone can help me to make the same form with the same presentation and effect and for witch price.

I can give access to FTP / Wordpress

Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

can you please add me on skype ?
my skype is :


Cesar Contreras answers:

/* CSS for over */
.btn.btn-secondary:hover {
background-color: rgba(232,68,40,0.1);

/*CSS for Active field*/ {
background-color: #e84428;
color: white;

For the progress bar you can find and use a multi step form plugin.


Mohamed Ahmed answers:

Can you sen access to FTP / Wordpress to meno010 #Yahoo

Ilan b comments:


Thanks for you help, we can discuss for a price if you can do it for me.

Where do you want me to send you access ? I don't understand meno010 #Yahoo

Mohamed Ahmed comments:

You can send access to our email meno010 #Yahoo com