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i want very big problem with my website.
I want that my website: must be equal to the demo

Please help me on skype!

Answers (3)


Arnav Joy answers:

i think you can manage all these things with the help of settings provided by this theme , check your admin panel and manual that come with this theme.


Leslie Bogaerts answers:

You will be able to do that by looking at the theme options or maybe even widget areas that will set up the homepage as it is on the demosite.

Most of the time, these settings can either be found under the Appearance tab in your wp-admin sidebar, or it could have it's own tab where you might find different submenu's. It depends per theme on how that is set up.


Eric P. answers:

I don't know if you've resolved this yet.

First, the theme you're using, "philoxenia" is targeted for hotels. It has lots of features that hotels use, and maybe not so much for your business. Your business is not a hotel, so some things probably won't work or fit your business model. Often that's a poor choice and trade off.

Beyond that, it looks like all you have on your front page is the slider at the top (with a few featured pages) and the latest blog entries. The sample has some other things in a three column layout. I'm not sure if that's done with the page body text on the front page of the site, or if that theme has some special features on the front page template that you can activate through the theme meta options for that page.

Some other tips:
1) If you offer the site in multiple translations, it's best to put the flags/icons near the top of the page. Most people who read English, Russian or Japanese (and don't read Italian) will skip over your site because they won't scroll to the bottom to find the translation buttons.

2) That theme isn't doing much in the way of structured html or semantic html. Since you are a local service oriented business, you need some things in there to geographically tie your site to your service area. Either you need someone to craft some good HTML to go in the body of your pages, or you need some plugins or a child theme to address that if you want to rank better for "local search" performance.

If you want more help here, you might consider posting some screen captures from the admin side of that theme (Theme options, theme specific meta options on the pages, which page templates are available, etc.)

I think the answers you need might be a little beyond the scope of this "quick answer" format.