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CSS Issue with vertical navigation WordPress


Website with Vertical naviagation:

When hovering over Jewelry, the side sub menu appears, but the menu items directly below Jewerly colapse. It appears to work ok only in IE9. IE8 and FireFox dosnt work.

What am I missing in the CSS? I need the relative position with an index of 9999 to make the menu appear on top of the slide show.

Answers (3)


Julio Potier answers:

Just modify this CSS rule :
#navigation ul li:hover ul {
display: inline-block;

was "block", i modified in "inline-block" ;)

69developer comments:

This worked! thanks!


Julius J. answers:

To css menu li element add position relative and submenu ul element add position absolute :)

EDIT: also edit your sub menu position - remove margin from top


Arnav Joy answers:

find out
#navigation li a

make its position absolute in place of relative