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- i want the search catagory removed from the search bar

- i only want the search bar to show on the 3rd and subsequent pages.

- when searching location, is there a way to add another search location where the search catagory box used to be, so one can be "search town" and the other can be "search county". If so... the search bar would look like this: search keyword / search town/ OR / search county.

- i am looking for someone to actually do this to my site.

thanks rick

Answers (3)


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

In CODECTION me and my team can do it, send me especifications here or directly to [email protected].

Ricky121 comments:

My site is it is the theme forest directory template. how much would it cost for you to walk me through it with step-by-step instructions.

I found how to remove the search box on the forum; is says to paste the below link into the CSS, which i did, but it didnt work.

#directory-search .defaultContentWidth {
visibility: hidden;

I would like to try it myself first. how much would it cost for you to walk me through by giving me step-by-step instructions.


Susanta K Beura answers:


I'll be happy to help you. Can we discuss it on skype? My skype id is susanta.k

Once we are done, I'll post solution here for benefit of others.

Thank you.
Susanta K Beura


Arnav Joy answers:

i would like to work in your project , can you send me pm with your site url and other information , mention all work with necessary screenshots / mockups .

my email is : [email protected]

Ricky121 comments:

- i would like to ONLY remove "search catagory" from the search bar.

- i only want this search bar to show up on the third and subsequent pages.

- let me know if this is possible.